Monday, November 18, 2013

FIFA14- A Review and get this player Ángelo Henríquez

Having played FIFA14 on my Android Samsung Galaxy Note for the past month, I decided to do a quick review.  Overall, it was a good experience. The additional controls to execute trick moves is very good. But would have been better if there's a reference on which control does what trick moves.

My own ratings for the game (mostly based on Career Mode (Easy Mode) and compared to FIFA13 on Android):

FIFA 14 on Android
FIFA 13 on Android
Game Control
Game play
New features
Ability to upload replays to YouTube, Connect to FB, more controls for trick moves.
Ultimate Team.

"Play Sim City" advert pops up even after I paid to unlock the career and cup modes. I don't mind the advert if I use the free version. But when your customer paid for the game, then there should not be any adverts popping up. We don't pay to look at the adverts.
The other missing part to the game is also a record of the players' transfer fees, form and performance. So it is hard to track back the data for players.

There are tonnes of articles telling you which players to sign. I did attempt to sign a few but couldn't get them. Anyway, I'm using Arsenal team which has a lot of good young players so signing new players were not a concern for the near term. I did managed to get very good players through the scout.
Scouted players:

  • C. Hargreaves. GK. Overall 79 currently. Age 19.
  • T. Hilbert. RB. Overall 75+ but developed to 80 currently. Age 22
  • S. Blank. CAM. Overall 75+ but developed to 80 currently. Age 20
  • B. Perpaoli. LM. Overall 80+ but developed to 87 currently. Age 24.

Signed players

Recommendation: Ángelo Henríquez. ST at overall 79 on sign up but develop to 89 after 2 seasons.
I would like to recommend this extremely good player - Ángelo Henríquez. On wikipedia, it was stated that he "is a Chilean footballer who plays as a forward for Spanish club Real Zaragoza, on loan from English club Manchester United". However, I signed him from Real Zaragoza without any issue. The system did not indicate he was on loan from Man Utd. Signed him for about $8-12 million when he was age 19 with overall 79 rating (can't really remember the exact price. Now, he is 22 with overall 89 rating and valued at $26 million. He is very fast with extremely good finishing. Unfortunately, the system did not allow me to train him over 90. Read more about him here:

I have signed 2 other players, all defenders.
  • Doria (forgot where I signed him from)- CB with overall 82 at age of 22 (I think it's this player: . Signed for about $3.5-5 million (can't remember) but valued at $7.1million currently. Refer to screenshot for his stats.
  • Luiz Eduardo- CB with overall 79 at age of 22. Still observing his development. Signed for about $3.5 (can't remember) but valued at $6.9 million currently.  Refer to screenshot for his stats. (

Watch some of the replays which I uploaded from FIFA14 to YouTube here:

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