Thursday, November 21, 2013

FIFA14- Advice for playing Arsenal Team

Thought I wanted to just write a quick note for players using Arsenal on FIFA14 on Android.

If you are using Arsenal, you might wish to note the following:
1.) Podolski is better played as striker. His stats went from 77 as LM to 85 as LS.
2.) Walcott is better played as striker. His stats went from 83 as RM to 86 at RS.
3.) Wilshere is a gem. His stats went from 80+ to 90 (and still developing).
4.) Ozil is a gem. His stats is now 92 and still developing.
5.) Santi Carzola is amazing. At age 30+ with stats at 86, his stats is still growing.
6.) Giroud. Give him time to bloom. His stats will improve.
7.) Ramsey. You guys know him. Woo hoo.
8.) Mertesacker. Extremely talented defender. Strong, pacey. Stats is now at 86 after 3 seasons and still developing.
9.) Koscielny. Good player.

And btw, I used 3-4-1-2 because this fits the Arsenal team's players positions better.

Unusual Player
Well, this player is unusual as he is the only player who reduces his salary for contract extension. He is none other than Flamini. I have extended contracts for most of the players in the team for the past seasons but have never encountered any players who reduced the salary on their own accord. The players usually requested for more salary. Flamini is the only player so far to reduce his salary request. Flamini is very strong defensively and has knocked in goals from afar. Good player.

Do you need to buy new players for Arsenal team?
I don't think you need to buy new players for Arsenal team. Really. The team has players at different stages of their career. Prime, developing. Stats for very young players such as Chamberlain, Ryo, Afobe, Gnabry, Akpom, Sanogo, Frimpong, Jenkinson will grow. And if you play the players to their positions, the team's stats will be quite strong. The youths in Arsenal team are exceptional. You might wish to get more defenders if you like.

Watch some of the replays which I uploaded from FIFA14 to YouTube here:

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