Thursday, September 4, 2014

An Innovation Changing the Photography Landscape

[Disclaimer: In no way am I affiliated to Sony and I don’t proclaim to be camera expert but I thought this is something interesting to share.]

Sony brought something innovative to the world of photography. It launched attachable camera lenses for mobile phones and now it has upped its game with an “lens-style camera”- mirrorless interchangeable lens1 for mobile phones. This means consumers are no longer confined to the often lacklustre cameras on their phones but has professional lenses and sensors to work with.

The unit has its own battery, could be detached and remotely controlled via the smartphone. So selfies, hard-to-reach places should be a easy with this new product. From the introduction on Adorama’s website, it seems to lack manual controls (I guess most users won’t be bothered if they are used to taking photos with their smartphone anyway).

As with anything that is paired with your smartphone, it might tax your smartphone batteries a bit since you will need to use an app plus turn on the screen.

See images and video link below:

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1.       Interchangeable lens system generally refers to cameras that allows different lens to be swapped and used, much like the dSLR but usually more compact and it does not employ a mirror in its camera body. This is by no means a low end version of dSLR as certain models are actually mid-tier dSLR with the outstanding sensors.

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