Monday, August 27, 2012

A Man built his own mechanical hands

A chinese man built his own mechanical hands by himself. And he's not an engineer. It's not just a shape of a hand but a hand with design and mechanics which he developed himself. His self-made mechanical hands' fingers could even automatically open up to grasp things such as holding a cup. It's a remarkable feat that he could create the hand on his own.

Bionic vs Mechanics

I have a bit of debate here. The YouTube video mentioned "bionic" hands. What's the definition of bionic?

Merriam Webster's Definition:

Definition of BIONIC

: of or relating to bionics
a : having normal biological capability or performance enhanced by or as if by electronic or electromechanical devicesb : comprising or made up of artificial body parts that enhance or substitute for a natural biological capability<a bionic heart>

Well... It doesn't help right? So which is the key word? in 2a, it seems to be normal biological capability/performance plus electronic/electromechanical. So without both, a creation is not considered "bionic".
But looking at 2, the key words seem to be "artificial body parts", "enhance", "substitute" and "natural biological capability". So an artificial body part is bionic need not be electronic/electromechanical in nature, as long as it can enhance or substitute the natural biological capability?

But what constitutes enhance/substitute "natural biological capability" is debatable... Does anyone has a clear definition of the term?

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