Wednesday, June 27, 2012

@[4:0] = Mark Zuckerberg?

Saw this post in FaceBook. It was rumoured that typing "@[4:0]" in any comments would show "Mark Zuckerberg" when you send the comment.

I have tried it and it works! Try it in FaceBook!

Image source: FaceBook


  1. You can get a variety of names using that format, just change the numbers inside the brackets. Ex: @[69:69] returns: Joshua Samuelson What is the rhyme or reason to this?????

  2. ‎4 is for Mark Zukerberg , 5 is for Zuckerberg’s former Harvard room-mate and Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, while 6 is for another roommate Dustin Moskovitz.

  3. It's a bug. Everyone can do it with their own names...

  4. Why you are wasting your time just follow this page and find your id code like @[4:0]
    If @[4:0] mark zuckerberg then what's your name code

  5. Replies
    1. Is there any how i can do it in reverse to get my code name> please reply

  6. just follow this page and sure you find your solution

  7. Hi everyone!

    Sorry. I have not been active on Blogger for sometime. But I just posted a new entry to explain why typing @[4:0] will get you Mark Zuckerberg's name. Also explained how you could find your numbers.

    Here's the new entry's link.

  8. Just follow this link and i sure you find your all solution it is not a hoax

  9. if @[4:0] mark zuckerberg then what's your name???
    step 1:- pick up your profile name
    step 2:- go to just type
    step 3:- find your uid "id=xxxxxx"
    type your id in this code form without any space

    e.g. @[559457385:0]

  10. Any time you do a comment with @[uid:0] where id='facebook user id', the comment will substitute the name of the person linked to that user id.

    If that person is a friend, or public page, it'll link to them. If they're not a friend, it just posts their name as plain text.

    @[4:0] becomes Mark Zuckerberg (unlinked).
    @[6815841748:0] becomes Barack Obama (linked to his fan page).

    It's functionally the same thing as tagging somebody. I guess you could consider it a bug/exploit, but since it's functionally the same thing as 'tagging' somebody, it's pretty pointless.

    Unfortunately, it has led to numerous iterations of one of the dumbest fb spam chains I've ever seen... add your age+shoe size and post that in a stupid @[#:#] format to discover what your 'real' name should be (which is really just some random person linked to that number... lame.