Saturday, May 14, 2011

Battery Usage- Save Energy

I wanted to see how far the battery can last with my normal, essential usage. To my pleasant surprise, it lasted more than 2 days!

Here's what I used for the 2 days:
  1. Connection is via 2G network, data always on
  2. Brightness of display set to quite low, auto brightness switched off
  3. Apps running:
    • Whatsapp
    • LG Home UI
    • Facebook widget
    • Time and weather widget
    • Gmail app
    • Battery Monitor Widget
  4. Frequent usage of Advanced Task Killer to kill apps that auto launched itself
  5. Occasional Calls
The battery was at 20% power after 2 days and 2hours. I decided to zap the remaining power by switching to 3G network and download Asphalt 5HD (about 100+MB). About an hour later, the battery fell to 4%.

 To make a comparison, the usual time which the batt lasted (with usage of internet on 3G network) is about a day.

Snapshots of the battery stats below.

Previous day usage (2 May to 3May morning).

Full charge by 12pm on 3 May.

 Battery still going strong on 4 May.

 Battery still going strong on 5 May.

Throughout this 2 days, I felt that hey, i only required those apps daily. I don't really need to access the web that often.
I think it's helpful to switch to 2G network, minimise the apps running (just use the really essential apps) and use your phone only when necessary when you are abroad or handling some important work (eg. an event). This would help the battery to last longer so that you won't get into a situation whereby the batt fall flat when it's crucial moment!

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